The Acting Habit


Preparation is the key to success in any field, and that’s especially true with acting. Casting opportunities can be irregular and when they arrive – usually in the form of a last minute audition or self-tape – you need to be ready to perform at the peak of your abilities. Your next audition could change your life – you need to be fully prepared for it.

This revolutionary 21-day part-time course has been designed to keep you audition-ready by:

  • developing your skill to analyse material quickly so you can confidently create interesting characters that stand out.
  • giving you the tools and motivation to strengthen your memory so you can easily learn lines, even at short notice.
  • helping you master the technical skills of self-taping so you can simply focus on the acting when the script arrives.
  • surrounding you with an international community of like-minded supportive actors so you can help, encourage and inspire each other.

    The next course starts on Saturday July 8th 2017.

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     We’re so confident you’ll love our course we offer a money back guarantee – keep reading for more details.

How Does The Course Work?

  • At 7pm each day (in your own time zone) you and the entire group will be emailed an audition piece with a new character for you to inhabit.
  • The challenge is to interpret and explore the character, learn the lines, film your self-tape and upload the file – all within 24 hours, when the next audition piece is delivered.
  • Repeat for 21 days until you are in a state of peak audition readiness.
  • It’s that simple.

Why Should You Take The Course?

With over 20 years experience in casting we have been lucky to participate in thousands of face-to-face auditions all around the world, and have watched an even greater number of self-tapes from some amazing actors. We noticed that the vast majority of successful candidates had the following qualities:

  • they were creative, inventive and masters of their craft – the characters they developed were vibrant and felt like real, living beings.
  • they were exceptionally well prepared – almost always off-book.
  • they were confident enough to experiment and take creative risks – even if they didn’t work.
  • they were eager and willing to share ideas and collaborate – so it felt like they would be an asset to any production.
  • they put everything into the audition – afterwards, they had no regrets.

This course is for you if you want to develop these same successful traits in a natural, fun and practical environment.

How Will The Course Help You?

We encourage you to act every day – to be exploring new worlds, creating strong characters, honing your skills. When you get an audition that could lead to your dream role, you need to be able to tap into your imagination quickly, effectively and efficiently.

By providing you with a daily schedule of varied roles to perform you will keep your acting brain active and your talent sharp.

Learning your lines is critical to a successful audition – being off-book is simply the number one prerequisite that we expect from a screen actor. For most people, that means learning lines every day to keep your memory muscles active and strong – but we understand it can still be a struggle to find the time, the self-discipline and the motivation to keep a routine.

By surrounding you with a friendly and supportive community of actors, all in the same position as you, you will receive that extra encouragement to keep at it.

Love them or hate them, self-tapes have become a frequent first step in the audition process. On the plus side, never before have we been able to consider more actors for each role from any country in the world – taking chances on talent we’ve never seen, or enabling actors to demonstrate their range by taking on roles they are not known for. The barriers to ‘getting into the audition room’ have truly fallen – because in many cases the first audition room is now wherever in the world you may be – but only for those who are proficient at self-taping.

By giving you a routine of filming yourself and uploading every day you will achieve stress-free flawless technical results every time – practice makes perfect.

What Are People Saying About The Acting Habit?

 “This course is incredible. I thought I had my self-tapes nailed but it turns out there was so much more I could learn about framing, lighting and getting the edit right. I now feel like I totally own creating a self-tape for my real auditions. I’d recommend this to any and every actor, even if you’ve been in the business for years. Self-taping is the way forward so it’s important that we can nail it every time” Angela Peters

“By far the best £30 I’ve ever spent professionally, a genius idea, and an incredibly valuable – and special – resource.” Kelly Burke

“Thank you for this unique, intense, hugely-informative experience. I have taken a lot of short courses since leaving drama school, and this was by far the most helpful both as an acting exercise and also as a way to get my industry skills up-to-par. That’s why this challenge is so brilliant. It combines creative, craft-based work equally with learning current skills to succeed in the real-world entertainment industry. I loved being able to stretch myself, with different characters, types of scenes, and even different accents each day.  On top of that, I honed my skills in self-taping, lighting, and even how to find a good reader.   During the challenge I also was asked for five different self-taped auditions from casting directors, and so far, have booked two of those jobs!” Tara Gadomski

“I sent in a self-tape last week for a TV job (with a two hour turnaround, thanks to all the practice I’ve been getting) and found out today I booked the gig. I firmly believe that this class is one of the main reasons I was successful.” John Scougall

“Really sorry I’ve dropped off the radar – but the good news… I’ve landed a screen role! I’m flying to Bulgaria on Friday so sadly will have to sign off the course for now but I wanted to say that I have no doubt whatsoever that The Acting Habit played a very big part in getting me the role – the lines went in a lot quicker than usual so I could do it off book confidently, and just by having seen myself on camera so much more than usual meant that I had a much better sense of how I’d look on screen” Adam D

“It’s the best investment in training I’ve made so far as it’s been a true exercise of the acting muscles and a daily discipline that has got me into shape. I would absolutely recommend this course to fellow actors who want to hone their craft – try it for yourself and see how much you learn!” Deli Segal

“The Acting Habit is far beyond just a worthwhile thing to do – whether starting out, or a theatre actor who isn’t as experienced in video auditioning, or even just a jobbing actor who wants a refresher. Not only is it a bargain, the well thought through course enables a thorough understanding of video auditioning from just simple practicing of learning lines to all the technical know how that goes with it. With great tips for being professional in your filming, editing and uploading; varieties of pieces give opportunities to tackle problems that I would not have even thought of, all in a place where you can try out different things and learn by getting it wrong without the pressure of losing a job you need! It is a place to learn, it is a place to grow, it is a place to receive expert advice and it is a place to feel supported. Thank you so much Manuel Puro and all those others who participated on the course. I learnt so much!” Heidi Dorschler

Why Every Day?

Because we want these habits to become ingrained – every day, weekends and holidays – no excuses. Yes, it will be challenging but once you start we don’t want you to break the chain – consecutive daily achievements are proven to lead to lasting success. This is a habit you’ll want to become addicted to.

Why 7pm?

We think this will give you the best shot at being able to read the material, come up with an interesting take on the character, learn the lines, sleep on it – and then find the time to tape it the next day. We appreciate it is a quick turnaround, but  most real-world auditions or self-tape requests follow this kind of schedule. If you can handle this you can handle anything.

Can You Interact With The Other Participants?

Yes, a strong community spirit is at the core of The Acting Habit.

You’ll be able to view each others self-tapes and offer words of  encouragement, support and constructive criticism in a private and safe environment (all footage is hosted on a secure, password protected site). You’ll see auditions from a casting director’s point of view – you will watch multiple actors’ approaches to the same  role, allowing you to explore what creative choices they made with regards to the character, their delivery, their clothing and use of props. You’ll learn what works in a self-tape.Plus, you will have a chance to see first-hand the technical approach that other actors are taking – framing decisions, lighting set ups, camera  choices, what software they use to edit. All of this information is  shared and discussed, tips and techniques exchanged.

The course invites collaboration. You are able to start your own discussions on any  topics you find interesting, or ask any questions of the group – who come from all over the world with their own opinions and unique experiences. We want you to be there for each other.

It is easy to share photos, videos and chats  safely and securely within the system – you’ll never have to share your  contact details with anyone unless you want to.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The audition pieces have been carefully selected from film, tv and other works and encompass a range of genres and technical styles. They gradually become more difficult as the course progresses and your memory muscles strengthen. We start you with simple short monologues using everyday language. These get longer and we start adding more complex phrases (e.g. scientist and medical roles). Then we ask you to perform scenes with multiple characters, so you can learn how to handle the challenges of self-taping without a reader present.

By the end of the course we aim to have you ready for anything a casting director can throw at you.

What Kind Of Equipment Will You Need?

  • A good, fast internet connection and a device that has recent versions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • A reasonably modern phone or tablet, or a DSLR camera or camcorder with a computer.
  • A basic ability to film footage and locate the file on your device. We give detailed instructions on how to compress and export your footage to get the best experience out of the course.

Should You Wait Until You Have A Clear Schedule To Take The Course?

Opportunities rarely occur exactly when you want them to. The chances are that you will get the audition you have longed for on the day you go on holiday, move house, have committed to some other work, or any other complication that life regularly throws in your way. If you can overcome these obstacles during the course then you will be fully prepared to overcome them when the stakes are higher.

We feel you should start your Acting Habit without delay so that you are completely ready to take advantage of your opportunity when it comes along.

Can You Try The Course Risk Free?

Yes, if you want to leave the course at any time within 7 days of it starting we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Are There Any Other Reasons You Should Do It?

Hopefully you’ll find receiving new material every day and sharing your work with your colleagues motivation enough but here are some additional incentives:

  • After you submit 10 self-tapes we’ll give you personal feedback on the technical aspect of your set-up – the framing, lighting and quality of the sound.
  • If you complete all 21 self-tapes, each uploaded within 24 hours of receiving the material, we will arrange a 10-minute one-on-one Skype call with Manuel Puro where you can ask him anything you like.
  • All participants will be invited to attend an online Q&A hosted by Manuel that takes place at the end of the course.
  • All participants are eligible to enter The Acting Habit Community – where you can join graduates of previous courses, keep your new habit active, and much more besides – details supplied during the course.

We hope that you’ll be inspired to get the Acting Habit and look forward to seeing you on the course – thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2017

The next course starts on Saturday July 8th 2017.

Join us here:

UK£30 / US$38 / €35 / AUD$50

More praise for The Acting Habit

“This course is a game changer. The improvements I’ve made in all areas of the self-taping process are so clearly evident as I view my tapes over the past weeks. What really helps me keep on track is the accountability… from the whole community of hugely talented, supportive individuals who are on this journey with me. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do your course.” Scott Hinds

“This wonderful course has kept me on my toes and made me realise the importance of acting everyday. I am more confident with learning lines, self-taping and making firm, quick decisions about my character choices. I have an audition this evening (very last minute) and already feel more confident and ready to walk in to the casting room and own it. I think this course is invaluable for all actors not just for self-tapes but for regular auditions as well – something that isn’t taught enough at drama schools.” Eloise Black

“This course is unmissable, and a fantastic opportunity to practice in a ‘safe’ environment with a community of like-minded and supportive souls all striving towards the same thing. It’s a big challenge, but the reward is that I can now turn around professional looking self-tapes in a very short timeframe, and I know that they give me the greatest possible chance of getting in the room, or even landing the job.” James Chalmers

 “The Acting Habit course is great training: training to learn lines quickly (memory); training to learn how to respond to a new script fast (imagination, creativity, work on characterisation); training on stretching our range of acting approaches by the incredible variety of scripts. It is also a fantastic way to learn all the ‘technicalities’ of filming for self-tapes and to be ready for the next call. This is invaluable because it saves an enormous amount of energy and time when the real job arrives – now I can instead invest that energy to do what we should do: that is acting.” Chiara D’Anna

“I’m definitely a better actor because of The Acting Habit. I started off being intimidated by self-tapes, but this course has given me the confidence to know that I can do it well. You’ve put tools in my hand and taught me how to use them. The community is so generous in the feedback they give, and I’ve learnt much just by watching other people’s tapes. It’s also fun! I find myself staring at my phone willing it to be 7pm so I can learn a new monologue and inhabit another character. It’s absolutely the best acting course I’ve done. You’ve given me heaps of confidence, an incredible community to belong too and skills that will last a life time.” Miriam Babooram

“Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Such an incredible habit to get involved with, surrounded by inspirational like-minded people.” Gianbruno Spena  

“It’s a huge challenge but so much fun and I look forward to building in time every day despite some really long working hours. BUT I can see improvements in picking up lines, making choices and doing text analysis much quicker. It is definitely a great workout for both technically getting self taping right and also for my acting. Win win!” Nicola Whelan

 “My agent commented that two self tapes I’ve submitted to her this week are much better and load quicker so I’m really pleased with what I’m learning on the course.” Rachel Teate

This course has just been incredible! To meet the challenge and tape yourself every day can lead to surprising outcomes. It’s a highly encouraging and friendly environment to experiment and try out things and characters you normally might not. Not only have I learned from my own tapes, but watching others’ interpretations of the scripts has taught me lot.” Anna-Maria Montonen

“Thank you again for organising this course; it’s been exciting, helpful, informative, among many other positives. It’s been a great challenge trying to prep, shoot and edit around work and life itself, for a deadline. Good practice!” Matt Young

“By diving in to this challenge I found out exactly what I can achieve if I let myself learn, make mistakes, have fun and be creative. This is invaluable learning that you simply aren’t being taught at college.” James Wilkinson