The 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge

How Does The 21-Day Challenge Work?

  • At 7pm each day (in your own time zone) you and the entire group will be emailed an audition piece with a new character for you to inhabit.
  • The challenge is to interpret and explore the character, learn the lines, film your self-tape and upload the file – all within 24 hours, when the next audition piece is delivered.
  • Repeat for 21 days until you are in a state of peak readiness for any acting opportunities.
  • It’s that simple.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The audition pieces have been carefully selected from film, tv and other works and encompass a range of genres and technical styles. They gradually become more difficult as the course progresses and your memory muscles strengthen. We start you with simple short monologues using everyday language. These get longer and we start adding more complex phrases (e.g. scientist and medical roles). Then we ask you to perform scenes with multiple characters, so you can learn how to handle the challenges of self-taping without a reader present.

By the end of the course we aim to have you ready for anything a casting director can throw at you.

Are There Any Other Reasons You Should Do It?

Hopefully you’ll find receiving new material every day and sharing your work with your colleagues motivation enough but here are some additional incentives:

  • All participants will be invited to attend an online Q&A hosted by Manuel that takes place at the end of the course.
  • All participants are eligible to enter The Acting Habit Community – where you can join graduates of previous courses, keep your new habit active, and much more besides – details supplied during the course.

We hope that you’ll be inspired to get the Acting Habit by taking the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge and look forward to seeing you on the course – thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2019

The next course starts on Saturday, March 2nd 2019.

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UK£35 / US$47 / €39 / AUD$63 / NZ$68 / CAN$60

What are actors saying about The 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge?

“This course has single handedly changed the game for me. Three weeks ago I panicked about self taping, couldn’t edit, light, concentrate… Now I do it all, quickly, with focus and with renewed passion. This was the greatest tip my agent has given me – and now I’m giving you the same tip – this course will change the game for you too.” Andrew Lennon

“This has been more rewarding, motivating and inspiring than I could have ever imagined! This course was one of the most intense few weeks I’ve ever experienced, but after completing this challenge and having been creatively stimulated everyday, I am more certain that I can achieve my goals than ever! Every actor needs to do this! Absolutely brilliant!” Nicola Ditter

“This course has been absolutely wonderful – I cannot recommend it enough. It has helped with creativity, learning text quickly, trusting instinct, gaining confidence and perfecting camera technique. The material Manuel chooses has been so enjoyable and what variety of characters! It has filled my heart with so much joy and I now feel confident and excited for my self-tape auditions.” Hannah Collins

“I highly recommend this course! I was told to do it because I was scared of self taping. It took me 6 months to gather the courage to do it, and boy am I forever grateful. I am no longer afraid of self-taping, it has become like second nature. I have emerged a confident and prepared actor ready to face any challenge. Manuel created a wonderful, creative and safe space for us to explore our creativity and thrive in a like minded and supportive community. I am so grateful to all the actors in the course – I have never experienced community like this.  I have grown the most in my acting career in these 21 days. It has pushed me beyond my boundaries and comfort zone from an actor scared to show her abilities to one who is excited to take risks and be seen. I am so proud of what I have achieved.  Thank you Manuel!!” Val Duthil

“This was – hands down – THE best investment I have made in my career. Time wise, money wise, spirit wise, everything. I cannot put into words how much you will benefit from this course. Do it.” Leah Egan

“The Acting Habit is such an empowering course.  In terms of technical set up, I have it down pat and it’s bolstered my confidence to trust my instincts as an actor, let the lines sink and turn the tape around. It’s enriched my relationship to the camera and given me a network of beautiful people. Plugging into this community on a daily basis has been a joy.  This is a building block that every actor should have.” Jessica Barker-Wren

“Excellent, very highly recommended. A fantastic way to build your self tape skills and most importantly – stay in the habit of creating.” James Sobol Kelly

“This was an an incredible challenge. It was only 21 days, yet I can feel such growth. It has helped me become a more confident person, release my creativity, trust my instincts and it has fuelled even more my drive to make it in this industry. I feel like a more mature and grounded actress, and I can’t wait for opportunities to come my way, because I’m ready to smash them. Every single actor should do this training. Thank Manuel, you’ve created something truly special!” Lucia Saavedra

“I always had the attitude, ‘I’m an actor, not a camera/sound/lighting expert, they won’t judge me on anything but my acting – why should I learn all that stuff?’ And then getting more and more important auditions coming through self-tapes and not getting a single one, I decided something had to change. I had to put in the work, so I signed up to Manuel’s 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge. This course has been so, so much more than I ever imagined. I have learned so much, worked so hard, made so many friends and for the first time in my acting career, actually feel like I am ready. Like I won’t instantly crawl inside my own skin when my agent calls with the next self-tape. I’m actually looking forward to it. And I actually feel like, whatever it is, I’ll have a good chance at getting the job. I’m not scared of self-tapes anymore, I’m excited about them!” Loren Peta

“This course has been a huge boost to my confidence and creativity and I actually cannot believe how much I’ve learned in the last three weeks! The guidance you receive on creating a home studio on a budget, lighting and editing is invaluable. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your self-taping technique in a supportive environment and it has reminded me of all of the reasons that I wanted to be an actor in the first place.” Laura Murray

“I felt like an actor again for the last three weeks and maybe I’m not alone in this but sometimes I don’t feel like I am one. This has made me do what I love every day, with no risk and full of play and most of all with a community of amazing, creative people that support and encourage one another. To say I recommended this course would be an understatement. I won’t say you have to, but if you don’t, you’re missing something truly game-changing” Adrian Tauss

“This has been so enjoyable. From start to finish, the information and guidance has been top notch. The pieces have been challenging and at times pushed you to look within yourself. If you’re looking for a challenge then this is the one. I’ve already recommended this to at least 20 people. Thank you thank you thank you, I now have the confidence in front of camera that I never had before. The feedback given by your co-course participants is informative and valuable. Amazing course and an amazing idea.” Andrew Joshi

“A great way to flex the acting muscles, learn text faster and really understand what is required in a self tape. For the whole 21 days it is a wonderful community of support too.” Thomasin Lockwood

“I have absolutely loved every minute of this challenge and it is indeed a challenge and a fantastic one at that! About half way through this course, I was asked to submit a self-tape for a casting director that I have been dying to get in front of FOREVER. I had a confidence I’ve never felt before and guess what?!… I’ve got a RECALL!” Rowena Meddeman

“The Acting Habit 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge is the most aptly named professional development I think I’ve ever done. Getting into the habit of analysing, learning and delivering script on a daily basis has been like a workout for the acting muscles. Manuel’s simple, clear advice, given in emails along the way, has de-mystified the practicalities of self-taping, and of auditioning in general, from setting up a simple, cheap and professional looking home-studio to eyelines, framing and how the process works once your tape hits a casting director’s email.” James Rottger

“I loved the course and recommend it highly. I learned so many lessons from Manuel and from the group, I found very motivating and rewarding and feel it has improved my acting abilities too. Thank you Manuel for providing such an affordable resource, very much appreciated.” Brendan Sheehan

“I have learnt so much and it is such great value for money. One of the best courses I’ve ever done and it is incredibly well organised, informative and supportive. Thank you so much for the challenge which has definitely flexed my acting muscles and improved my self-taping.” Carolyn Goodyear

“I had no idea how I was going to fit in a self tape a day for 21 days but I’m so glad I did it!!! Opportunities aren’t going to come when you have plenty of time to prep, film and submit, they’re going to come when you’re busy with 101 other things – so do this course when you’re at your busiest! ;)” Jess Collett

“If you’re wondering whether you can do 21 days of self-tapes back-to-back, the answer is yes. Yes, you can. And this is the one to do. Manuel has created something that not only teaches you the technical and business side of self-tapes, it allows you space and freedom to play in an environment of support & free of judgement. It’s also reminded me that us actors are better when we’re supporting each other, and raising each other up – what a great challenge, and one I’ll be telling all my actor buddies to do!” Les Cochrane

“Honestly the best acting course/challenge I have done in years. The set up works like a dream. What I had to get over first at foremost was myself – and this course has done that – allowing me to trust my instinct and make bold decisions. Suddenly that voice inside my head became more of a friend rather than a nagging foe. I feel in our industry we are rarely given the chance to explore and really flex those acting muscles, push our own boundaries and feel good about it. The other amazing aspect of this course is learning from other actors, so wonderful to see so many brilliant interpretations; the bolder the choices the more memorable the piece becomes. And finally the support and encouragement you receive from others in the group is almost overwhelming, and so useful. I feel that even when I thought my decisions were too bold or different, when it was well-received, I started to think, “Ah ok it came across ok, people understood it”, which is a greatly affirming. Thanks Manuel for putting all this together, this is truly an actor’s haven!” Edward De Gaetano

“SO SO glad I did this course. It was definitely a challenge to learn, shoot, edit and upload every day before 7pm but I feel such a sense of achievement now I’ve completed the course. On day one I shot so many takes and worried about tiny little things. Now I know when I get a self tape, if I only have a couple of hours to turn it around I’ll be more than prepared. I think as actors, it’s so important to keep learning and stay on top of your game whether you are in work or not. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about furthering their knowledge in order to advance their career.” Cathy Reed

“These last three weeks have been challenging and inspiring. The time flew by so fast it’s hard to believe we have come to an end of this particular road – the journey continues. Working with so many different scenes with a quick turn around made me break down scripts so much quicker. Sometimes what’s on the paper is not what people want to see, and I’ve learned I can bring my individuality to every single character no matter how far removed or similar. I feel so much more comfortable playing and experimenting. And knowing the tech side of things inside and out allows me to spend more time on creating the character.” Monika Miles

“This course upped my game to a professional level in terms of self-taping and helped me created a whole new discipline in terms of acting. I cannot recommend it enough” Harriet Earle

“This challenge was more helpful than I ever could have ever imagined. The amount of support and helpful tips is incredible – I am sad that it has now come to an end and I will need to return to the real world…” Sofia Jalonen

“This has been an extraordinary learning curve for me and I must say I have enjoyed every moment. The feedback from the participants has been invaluable, not to mention the opportunity to watch so many different interpretations of the same material. I am no longer afraid of the camera, have confidence learning lines and am ready for anything! As an additional comment, I’ve astonished myself (and my husband) by doing several auditions during these three weeks and something extraordinary happened – I managed to get roles in four student films and have been cast in a stage play!!” Vee McGuire

The next course starts on Saturday, March 2nd 2019.

Join us here:

UK£35 / US$47 / €39 / AUD$63 / NZ$68 / CAN$60



 You can give this course as a gift by purchasing a

Gift Certificate here:

UK£35 / US$47 / €39 / AUD$63 / NZ$68 / CAN$60