The 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge

How Does The 21-Day Challenge Work?

  • At 7pm each day (in your own time zone) you and the entire group will be emailed an audition piece with a new character for you to inhabit.
  • The challenge is to interpret and explore the character, learn the lines, film your self-tape and upload the file – all within 24 hours, when the next audition piece is delivered.
  • Repeat for 21 days until you are in a state of peak audition readiness.
  • It’s that simple.

Why 7pm?

We think this will give you the best shot at being able to read the material, come up with an interesting take on the character, learn the lines, sleep on it – and then find the time to tape it the next day. We appreciate it is a quick turnaround, but  most real-world auditions or self-tape requests follow this kind of schedule. If you can handle this you can handle anything.

Can You Interact With The Other Participants?

Yes, a strong community spirit is at the core of The 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge.

You’ll be able to view each others self-tapes and offer words of  encouragement, support and constructive criticism in a private and safe environment (all footage is hosted on a secure, password protected site). You’ll see auditions from a casting director’s point of view – you will watch multiple actors’ approaches to the same  role, allowing you to explore what creative choices they made with regards to the character, their delivery, their clothing and use of props. You’ll learn what works in a self-tape.Plus, you will have a chance to see first-hand the technical approach that other actors are taking – framing decisions, lighting set ups, camera  choices, what software they use to edit. All of this information is  shared and discussed, tips and techniques exchanged.

The course invites collaboration. You are able to start your own discussions on any  topics you find interesting, or ask any questions of the group – who come from all over the world with their own opinions and unique experiences. We want you to be there for each other.

It is easy to share photos, videos and chats  safely and securely within the system – you’ll never have to share your  contact details with anyone unless you want to.

What Kind Of Material Will You Receive?

The audition pieces have been carefully selected from film, tv and other works and encompass a range of genres and technical styles. They gradually become more difficult as the course progresses and your memory muscles strengthen. We start you with simple short monologues using everyday language. These get longer and we start adding more complex phrases (e.g. scientist and medical roles). Then we ask you to perform scenes with multiple characters, so you can learn how to handle the challenges of self-taping without a reader present.

By the end of the course we aim to have you ready for anything a casting director can throw at you.

Are There Any Other Reasons You Should Do It?

Hopefully you’ll find receiving new material every day and sharing your work with your colleagues motivation enough but here are some additional incentives:

  • If you complete all 21 self-tapes, each uploaded within 24 hours of receiving the material, we will arrange a 10-minute one-on-one Skype call with Manuel Puro where you can ask him anything you like.
  • All participants will be invited to attend an online Q&A hosted by Manuel that takes place at the end of the course.
  • All participants are eligible to enter The Acting Habit Community – where you can join graduates of previous courses, keep your new habit active, and much more besides – details supplied during the course.

We hope that you’ll be inspired to get the Acting Habit by taking the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge and look forward to seeing you on the course – thank you for reading!

Manuel and the Puro Casting Team, 2017

The next course starts on Monday, January 1st 2018.

Join us here:

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 You can give this course as a gift by purchasing a

Gift Certificate here:

UK£30 / US$38 / €35 / AUD$50/ NZ$55

 What Are Actors Saying About The 21-Day Challenge?

“This course is incredible. I thought I had my self-tapes nailed but it turns out there was so much more I could learn about framing, lighting and getting the edit right. I now feel like I totally own creating a self-tape for my real auditions. I’d recommend this to any and every actor, even if you’ve been in the business for years. Self-taping is the way forward so it’s important that we can nail it every time” Angela Peters

“I can’t recommend this course enough – it’s absolute gold. Learning lines every day to a 24 hour deadline keeps your brain active and ready for any casting or job that comes along. You’re working alongside actors from different parts of the world so it takes you out of your own bubble. It’s such an encouraging and inspiring community too. Do it, it’s brilliant.” Sharon Osdin

“This is hands down the best screen course I have done. It’s more than simply learning about self-taping technique, you also put your audition prep and acting skills into practice, at an intense speed. Manuel has created something amazing, inviting actors to join and step up to the challenge. Don’t get me wrong – it’s incredibly fun – but to get the most out of it you need to be disciplined and you have to want to be better than you were the day before. Each piece of text is a whole new class in itself. The fact you are part of a supportive and constructive community that provides feedback and guidance is really helpful. Manuel is also on hand throughout to answer questions and offer guidance. This course has been invaluable to me and I can’t emphasise that enough. I absolutely cannot wait to put everything I’ve learnt here to use. Seriously. Bring. It. On.” Fiona Rodrigo

“The 21-Day Challenge is a fantastic, intense and nourishing experience. The course has enabled me to hone the technicals of my self-tapes completely and the way the course mimics the fast-paced nature of real self-tape castings is INCREDIBLY useful to help practice learning lines quickly, find somewhere to set-up and just get it done. I implore you to join this course!” Chris Jones

“This course has given me so much confidence with self-tapes, but also just in myself as an actor. I used to hate self-tapes, and now I think they’re great! I actually love doing them now! It was great to get feed back from the other actors as well as our guide, Manuel and I loved watching the other actors interpretations- I feel it has hugely enhanced me as an actor seeing everyone else’s creative choices on the same pieces. I couldn’t recommend this course more!” Amy Waugh

“This course is an absolute must for any actor. You learn so much in such a short space of time, and the support network of the community around you is just amazing. This whole process has made me feel so much more positive about this tough industry its left me smiling everyday. I would highly recommend this course –  its affordable and the most worthwhile course I’ve done as an actor.” Georgina Jane

“The 21 day self-tape challenge is the most original, fulfilling and complete course on self tape and acting that I have ever encountered. A must do course to all actors” Bea Segura

“Absolutely one of the most challenging, thought provoking , kick ass acting classes I’ve taken . I’ve learnt so much from a technical point of view as well as huge emotional journeys with the insane variety of characters. If in doubt just book it! I guarantee no regrets!” Hilda Cronje

“This has to be (hands down) the most effective and easiest course for acting I’ve ever attended. Within only a couple of days I felt fully in control of both the technical and the acting side of self-taping. And the best thing? I didn’t even have to leave my bedroom for it!” Charlotte Christof

“Really had a wonderful experience with this course. Learnt so much about the technical side of self-taping and feel that the frequency of the tapes has boosted my ability to learn lines. Definitely have also become more comfortable with making bolder choices within my acting which is wonderful. Have enjoyed every tape and have felt so supported by everyone on the course. A massive thank you to Manuel and to all the other actors for creating such a safe, supportive and creative environment.” Florence Kosky

“This course was brilliant! I learned so much about how to properly film, edit, compress and deliver self-tapes. It was also a real challenge to get done a tape every single day, no matter how busy I was. Really teaches you some self-discipline! I connected with some lovely fellow actors, exchanged experiences and knowledge with them. And most of all, I got to properly stretch my acting muscles by learning a script and creating a new character every single day! Do it! It’s SO worth it!” Leonie Schliesing

 “A fantastic opportunity to learn the skills required in today’s world to land jobs, in a very safe environment with like-minded people. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from watching other people’s versions of the scenes as well as having the space to develop myself. Very surprised about how you can always find an hour in a day to prepare, rehearse, shoot, edit, compress, upload and submit your takes, if you really try. It is an amazing boot camp that I recommend to any aspiring and active actors.” Arevinth V. Sarma

“I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about acting. Its a commitment and a journey that takes you to places you never imagine. It builds your memory skills and creativity.” Vladimir Kalugin

“I have learnt so much from day one! Technically I’ve learnt how to edit and compress my self-tapes, use correct lighting, framing and eye-lines, responding to dialogue from another character off camera – when there’s only me and how to film a kiss – again when there’s only me. And most importantly how to present them all so they are casting director friendly. The consecutive 21 days immerses you in your craft, the script is at the forefront of your mind each day as is the daily deadline looming. It forces you to prioritise your life and make yourself accountable for how you spend your time. With acting, only you can put the work in and this course is a true gymnasium for actors.” Tara Quinn

“I cannot recommend this course enough. Having never filmed a self-tape before signing up, I now feel at ease with the process technically, and the daily challenge of line-learning has helped the memory muscle to kick in. One of the most enjoyable aspects has been watching the other actors grow and develop from day one, and almost assuming the role of a casting director as I watched – I’ve found myself going ‘Oh, I’d definitely cast him/her in this programme/that film…’ It’s a privilege to be able to see other people’s self tapes. Superb. Great challenge. Invaluable.” Claire Dean

“For me, The Acting Habit has taught me to ‘get over it’ when it comes to self-tapes. I have learned to film, edit, add titles and compress on my iPhone – invaluable. I’ve learnt framing and sorting out my eye-lines – plus dealing with scenes that involve dialogue and kissing – whilst just being on my own (magic). I’ve learnt all this through a combination of watching others as well as literature and videos Manuel generously shared with us plus trial and error of my own efforts – the best way to learn. This has helped me “get over it” so that I can be left with the fun bit – getting into character, script and letting myself go. The community has given ALL of us a major confidence boost. We see our individuality as well as feeling connected, and sharing the challenges and experiences of the 21 days. It has been FUN! Also, very interestingly, I believe this course gives you a chance to see how much space you are really making for your acting career in your life. The course is demanding. Daily line learning and script prep  – can you tell your mates you’re not coming out because you need to do your self-tape and will they respect you and understand?! This course is an awesome reminder of priorities as well as skill development and learning. If you want to achieve, get a good habit. And the best way to practice your habit, is in good company.” Ayesha Casely-Hayford

“This course was such a great experience! I have achieved a deeper understanding and a more profound way to do a self tape. It is the little things that make it from good to great! It was such a safe space for me to learn, explore different choices and make mistakes. Everyone is super supportive and I would recommend this to everyone! My memory is better then it has ever been and I allow myself to take bigger bolder choices!
You should JUST DO IT! It is worth it and it is the kind of “pressure” we do have in our career and it really taught me to believe in myself and know that I can do anything is the shortest amount of time! Good Luck” Mai Arwas

“I did this course because I hated doing self tapes, and have actually turned down auditions because of them. The information given in this course on how to create, edit and upload self tapes is priceless, and the experience of doing this day after day has made me supremely confident in both getting self tapes together in a short space of time, and also just in acting on screen”. Mark Stanton

“Thank you for this unique, intense, hugely-informative experience. I have taken a lot of short courses since leaving drama school, and this was by far the most helpful both as an acting exercise and also as a way to get my industry skills up-to-par. That’s why this challenge is so brilliant. It combines creative, craft-based work equally with learning current skills to succeed in the real-world entertainment industry. I loved being able to stretch myself, with different characters, types of scenes, and even different accents each day.  On top of that, I honed my skills in self-taping, lighting, and even how to find a good reader. ” Tara Gadomski

“It’s the best investment in training I’ve made so far as it’s been a true exercise of the acting muscles and a daily discipline that has got me into shape. I would absolutely recommend this course to fellow actors who want to hone their craft – try it for yourself and see how much you learn!” Deli Segal

“The Acting Habit is far beyond just a worthwhile thing to do – whether starting out, or a theatre actor who isn’t as experienced in video auditioning, or even just a jobbing actor who wants a refresher. The well thought through course enables a thorough understanding of video auditioning from just simple practicing of learning lines to all the technical know how that goes with it. With great tips for being professional in your filming, editing and uploading; varieties of pieces give opportunities to tackle problems that I would not have even thought of, all in a place where you can try out different things and learn by getting it wrong without the pressure of losing a job you need! It is a place to learn, it is a place to grow, it is a place to receive expert advice and it is a place to feel supported. Thank you so much Manuel Puro and all those others who participated on the course. I learnt so much!” Heidi Dorschler

“This course is a game changer. The improvements I’ve made in all areas of the self-taping process are so clearly evident as I view my tapes over the past weeks. What really helps me keep on track is the accountability… from the whole community of hugely talented, supportive individuals who are on this journey with me. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do your course.” Scott Hinds

“What a great experience this has been! This course is a lovely safe space to play around, create and share. It’s a great learning process shared with other actors in a very inspiring and supporting atmosphere. I really felt I’ve learnt so much. I felt out of practise and I’ve reconnected with so many things doing this course. It’s given me confidence and new skills. It made me feel active and very in touch with my actor-self. Amazing feeling. Thank you!” Marta Pequeno

“This wonderful course has kept me on my toes and made me realise the importance of acting everyday. I am more confident with learning lines, self-taping and making firm, quick decisions about my character choices. I have an audition this evening (very last minute) and already feel more confident and ready to walk in to the casting room and own it. I think this course is invaluable for all actors not just for self-tapes but for regular auditions as well – something that isn’t taught enough at drama schools.” Eloise Black

“This course is unmissable, and a fantastic opportunity to practice in a ‘safe’ environment with a community of like-minded and supportive souls all striving towards the same thing. It’s a big challenge, but the reward is that I can now turn around professional looking self-tapes in a very short timeframe, and I know that they give me the greatest possible chance of getting in the room, or even landing the job.” James Chalmers

“I’m definitely a better actor because of The Acting Habit. I started off being intimidated by self-tapes, but this course has given me the confidence to know that I can do it well. You’ve put tools in my hand and taught me how to use them. The community is so generous in the feedback they give, and I’ve learnt much just by watching other people’s tapes. It’s also fun! I find myself staring at my phone willing it to be 7pm so I can learn a new monologue and inhabit another character. It’s absolutely the best acting course I’ve done. You’ve given me heaps of confidence, an incredible community to belong too and skills that will last a life time.” Miriam Babooram

“It’s a huge challenge but so much fun and I look forward to building in time every day despite some really long working hours. BUT I can see improvements in picking up lines, making choices and doing text analysis much quicker. It is definitely a great workout for both technically getting self taping right and also for my acting. Win win!” Nicola Whelan

 “My agent commented that two self tapes I’ve submitted to her this week are much better and load quicker so I’m really pleased with what I’m learning on the course.” Rachel Teate

This course has just been incredible! To meet the challenge and tape yourself every day can lead to surprising outcomes. It’s a highly encouraging and friendly environment to experiment and try out things and characters you normally might not. Not only have I learned from my own tapes, but watching others’ interpretations of the scripts has taught me lot.” Anna-Maria Montonen

“By diving in to this challenge I found out exactly what I can achieve if I let myself learn, make mistakes, have fun and be creative. This is invaluable learning that you simply aren’t being taught at college.” James Wilkinson 

The next course starts on Monday, January 1st 2018.

Join us here:

UK£30 / US$38 / €35 / AUD$50/ NZ$55


 You can give this course as a gift by purchasing a

Gift Certificate here:

UK£30 / US$38 / €35 / AUD$50/ NZ$55