Wall of Fame

These are the actors with the longest running Acting Habit - the highest number of consecutive daily self-tapes, each submitted within 24 hours.

Last updated August 8th 2020
Actor's NameHabit started onNumber of tapes
James Chalmers April 1st, 20171224
Zarra KaahnApril 1st, 20171224
Alix MiddletonJune 10th, 20171094
Pippa WinslowSeptember 23rd, 20171063
Lara LemonFebruary 3rd 2018917
Josef PfitzerMarch 31st 2018844
Kathryn BerghoffApril 18th, 2018835
David Patrick StuckyMay 5th 2018812
Amy ComperJuly 7th 2018750
Daria PisarevaJanuary 1st 2019520
Andrei Zayats April 1st, 2017202
Ben Gardner Gray April 1st, 2017100
Andrew LennonApril 1st, 201869
Ian WhyteFebruary 3rd 201844