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Membership of Acting Habit Plus gives you access to a range of advanced online self-tape courses and other resources that are designed for experienced actors who are already comfortable with the basics of self-taping. Participants of the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge or The Self-Tape Class receive free membership for their first year.

Acting Habit Plus runs as an annual membership –  to join please click on the appropriate currency below:

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FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH LAYLA MERRICK-WOLF – starts Saturday December 10th 2022

Layla began her Film & TV casting career in 2010, as an assistant for casting director Shaheen Baig, progressing to the role of Associate. She has acted as co-casting director while at SBC on various projects such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ & ‘God’s Own Country’.

She was nominated alongside Shaheen Baig & Yôko Narahashi at the 2020 TV BAFTAs for Best Scripted Casting for ‘Giri/Haji’, and also won an RTS award for Casting for the same project.

Most recent credits & work include ‘The Phantom of the Open’ directed by Craig Roberts, Clio Barnard’s ‘Ali & Ava’, and Sally El-Hosaini’s upcoming feature ‘The Swimmers’.

Layla is currently taking a break after the birth of her baby but is doing her best to make sure her watchlist goes beyond Sesame Street!

She has chosen five roles and will leave her written feedback on each daily submission. At the end of the workshop Layla will host a live online Q&A on Monday December 19th at 6pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH NICOLA CHISHOLM – starts Saturday December 10th 2022

Nicola has worked in casting for 10 years, starting off as an assistant at Stephanie Gorin Casting in Toronto and has freelanced for many UK Casting Directors. She worked as Casting Associate for Olivia Scott-Webb for over six years on a variety of film and TV projects including ’The Queen’s Gambit’, ‘Behind Her Eyes’ and ‘Fleabag Season 2’.

Nicola’s work as a Casting Director includes feature films for Sony and Netflix, Florian Zeller’s latest film ‘The Son’ starring Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins, and forthcoming feature ‘Fair Play’ starring Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich.

Nicola has chosen five roles and will leave her written feedback on each daily submission. At the end of the workshop Nicola will host a live online Q&A on Saturday December 17th at 11am UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

AGENT BOOTCAMP WITH RACHEL BRISCOE – starts Monday December 12th 2022 – SOLD OUT

Rachel studied Technical Theatre and Stage Management at RADA before moving into working in an agency and is now an Agent at The Artists Partnership.

Rachel has worked with Senior Agent Saskia Mulder for over six years, as an Assistant and for the past four years as an Associate Agent on a small roster of clients whilst building her own list of actors. Prior to working at The Artists Partnership Rachel worked at Curtis Brown for two years assisting a Senior Agent there.

Rachel’s own clients have been nominated for Golden Globe, SAG and BIFA awards, have been cast as leading roles in shows for the BBC, Netflix and in feature films, and have worked at top theatres venues.

During this five-day workshop you will be able to share your headshot, cv, showreel and other promotional material with Rachel to receive her honest professional appraisal and feedback. Please note – there are no acting self-tapes in this workshop! At the end of the course Rachel will hold private 10 minute one-to-one sessions where you can ask her anything you like. These will take place on Sunday December 18th from 3pm UK time – you will be able to book your slot on the first day of the Bootcamp.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70


SELF-TAPE SHOWREEL SCENES – starts on the day you sign up

A series of modules containing specially written, short and punchy pieces of material that are intended to help you create a focussed bespoke showreel to illustrate your talents in a specific genre. Rather than have a one-size-fits-all showreel, now you can delve into a library of scripts and put together relevant scenes and characters that can be closer to what a casting director is actually looking for for any given project.

Each genre module contains at least 25 pieces, released over the course of five consecutive days, with the opportunity to share your interpretations for feedback from your peers. In most of the material your character is the only one that speaks – all the attention is on you – but there are occasional scenes with other voices.

You can sign up whenever you like – day one begins as soon as you join – and you are granted permission to share your self-tapes as widely as you like on any platform.

All priced at:

UK£10 / €12 / US$12 / CAD$16 / AUD$18 / NZ$20

Here are the modules that are currently available:


Period and Historical

Jane Austen-style writing, war and peace themes, youth and enthusiasm, love and marriage, treachery, fear and loathing, British and American.


Sci Fi, Fantasy and Superheroes

Potions and magic, heroes and leaders, knaves and helpers, space pilots and androids, and superhero revelations and adventures.


Workplace Comedy

Scenes set in offices, hospitals, schools, stores and restaurants, police stations and other places where work is conducted.


Relationship Comedy

Romantic and platonic relationships, including first dates, friends and siblings, sarcasm, awkward crushes and expressions of love.


Workplace Drama

Scenes set in lawyers offices and courtrooms, police stations and crime scenes, hospitals and other places of work.


Romantic Drama

Initiating romantic relationships, declarations of love, fights and break ups.


Family and Friends Drama

Scenes involving parents, children and friends talking about love, life and each other.


Horror and Thriller

 Villains and victims, cops and robbers, survival, revenge.

We follow Casting Society of America workshop guidelines:

 “These workshops are a learning experience. They are not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshops are over, the casting director/associates hosting the workshops will not be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”