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Membership of Acting Habit Plus gives you access to a range of advanced online self-tape courses that are designed for experienced actors who are already comfortable with the basics of self-taping. Participants of the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge or The Self-Tape Class receive free membership for their first year.

Acting Habit Plus runs as an annual membership –  to join please click on the appropriate currency below:

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A unique six day course that will help you explore the physical variations of three American accents – SouthernGeneral American and New York. Learning an accent is not just about changing your voice but adopting a whole new posture and physicality. You’ll explore how these regional characters hold themselves, how they use their mouths, what gestures they use, the rhythms and musicality of the accents.

Each day you’ll be expertly guided by Peter Warnock through clear, precise and fun video tutorials that will give you detailed exercises to help you layer the skills that will allow you to access these accents. You’ll explore mouth placement, physicality, air flow, gesture, rhythms and phrasing, walks… building believable, real accents. Each day, you’ll be asked to rehearse and upload material including poems and speeches from TV, film and theatre so that Peter can then give you specific feedback that will help you perfect your accents, and gain confidence too.

There are five days of online material for you to tackle with Peter’s guidance and feedback, and the final day takes the form of a live Virtual Workshop hosted by Peter on Sunday February 6th from 5pm UK time, where you will be asked to perform a speech you’ll have worked on through the week, and to take on the hot-seating challenge too.

UK£59 / €69 / US$84 / CAD$103 / AUD$114 / NZ$120

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH TINA MARIE McCULLOCH – starts Saturday February 5th 2022

Tina Marie McCulloch is a Canadian casting director based in Vancouver, best known for her work on two seasons of the multi-award-winning and two-time Canadian Screen Award-nominated NarcoLeap (KGP Films), as well as the short films Murphy’s Law and Itsy Bitsy Spider (CBC “Canadian Reflections”).

She began her career as an actor, training for over a decade at many renowned studios including the world-famous Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City, but she soon realised that her passion lay behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Since then she has cast numerous short films, web series and commercials. Additional credits include the animated Butterfly Effect (Amanda Konkin, Women in Views Five in Focus Program), the dark comedy western Murphy’s Law (CBC), and multiple short films for the acclaimed Crazy 8s Film Festival.

Tina Marie is known for bringing in actors of all levels of professional experience. She firmly believes that an actor’s resume does not reflect their abilities on-screen. With a keen eye for character and craft, drawing upon many years of training as a performer, Tina Marie continually aims to grow her vast pool of diverse talent.

She has chosen five roles for you to attempt over the five consecutive days and will leave her written feedback on each submission uploaded within the time limit. At the end of the Workshop on Sunday February 13th at 6pm UK time / 10am Vancouver time Tina Marie will host a webinar where you can ask her any questions.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FOUR WEEKS, EIGHT ROLES WITH MANUEL PURO – starts Sunday February 6th 2022

This is a course for those of you who are time-starved, or want to spend a little longer on your self-tapes. It involves two self-tapes a week, for four weeks. The roles are released on a Sunday and Thursday, with deadlines being the following Thursday and Sunday respectively.

So Role 1 is released Sunday February 6th, with a deadline of the end of the day on Thursday February 10th (you have four ‘sleeps’ with the material)

Role 2 is released Thursday February 10th, with a deadline of the end of the day on Sunday February 13th (you have three ‘sleeps’ with the material)

…. and repeat three more times.

Manuel will be on hand to give personal individual feedback on each of the uploads, and he will host a Q&A webinar at the end on Monday March 7th at 7pm UK time.

UK£49 / €56 / US$69 / CAD$87 / AUD$97 / NZ$99

AGENT BOOTCAMP WITH BEX ELLIFF – starts Monday February 7th 2022

Bex moved to London and started working at Creative Artists Management (CAM) following her studies at The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. She began as an agent’s assistant and after 4 years built her own client list, representing recognisable talent worldwide across all genres of Film, TV and Theatre including breakthrough artists in series such as GAME OF THRONES and TOP BOY. Bex is coming into her 10th year at CAM with a BAFTA nominated client and an Olivier award winner.

During this five-day workshop you will be able to share your headshot, cv, showreel and other material with Bex to receive her honest professional appraisal and feedback. At the end of the course Bex will hold private 10 minute one-to-one sessions where you can ask her anything you like. These will take place on Saturday February 12th from 11am UK time – you will be able to book your slot on the first day of the workshop.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH SOPHIE PEARSON – starts Saturday February 12th 2022

UK based Sophie Pearson has been working in the casting industry for 7 years. She started out working as a casting associate at Hubbard Casting with Ros and John Hubbard, where she worked on films such as ‘Journey’s End’, ‘Hurricane’ and ‘The More You Ignore Me’.

She now works with Des Hamilton and has most recently worked on projects such as Nextflix’s ‘The King’, ‘Top Boy Series 3’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’.

She has chosen five roles from recent projects and will leave her written feedback on each submission. At the end of the workshop Sophie will host a live Q&A Webinar on Friday February 18th at 7pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

We follow Casting Society of America workshop guidelines:

 “These workshops are a learning experience. They are not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshops are over, the casting director/associates hosting the workshops will not be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”