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Membership of Acting Habit Plus gives you access to a range of advanced online self-tape courses that are designed for experienced actors who are already comfortable with the basics of self-taping. Participants of the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge or The Self-Tape Class receive free membership for their first year.

Acting Habit Plus runs as an annual membership –  to join please click on the appropriate currency below:

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FOUR WEEKS, EIGHT ROLES WITH MANUEL PURO – starts Friday June 11th 2021

This is a course for those of you who are time-starved, or want to spend a little longer on your self-tapes. It involves two self-tapes a week, for four weeks. The roles are released on a Friday and Monday, with deadlines being the following Monday and Friday respectively.

So Role 1 is released Friday June 11th, with a deadline of the end of the day on Monday June 14th (you have three ‘sleeps’ with the material)

Role 2 is released Monday June 14th, with a deadline of the end of the day on Friday June 18th (you have four ‘sleeps’ with the material)

…. and repeat three more times.

Manuel will be on hand to give personal individual feedback on each of the uploads, and he will host a Q&A webinar at the end on Sunday July 11th at 7pm UK time.

UK£49 / €56 / US$69 / CAD$87 / AUD$97 / NZ$99


A five day workshop that will introduce you to the wonderful world of commercial voice-overs. The course covers how to approach and work with advertising copy, how to banish lip smacking and deal with plosives, how to control breathing and create flow. It’s filled with hands on practical exercises and real world tips that will help grow your confidence in the studio – with videos explaining studio etiquette, how to approach the mic and work with studio engineers and how to mark up a script. It discusses what goes in to a commercial voice-reel and how to work with agencies among much much more.

Your guide is renowned voice-over artist and actor Peter Warnock who has over 25 years experience in this field. As a teacher, Peter has worked with LAMDA, ALRA, BSA and the Actors Centre and he runs his own training company, The Voice Zone. He has put together a beautiful detailed course that you will refer back to time and time again as you embark on your voice-over career.

Each day he will feedback on uploaded takes, and at the end of the workshop on Wednesday June 23rd at 6pm UK time he will be available for a live Q&A webinar where you can ask him whatever you like.

No expensive kit is necessary – full instructions on how to find a suitable place to record using your phone are sent when you enrol.

Further voice-related workshops are available to graduates of this Beginners course.

This Workshop is also suitable for non-native English speakers – instructions provided during the Workshop.

UK£49 / €59 / US$69 / CAD$89 / AUD$97 / NZ$99


Sophie has been working in the casting industry for 6 years. She started out working as a casting associate at Hubbard Casting with Ros and John Hubbard, where she worked on films such as ‘Journey’s End’, ‘Hurricane’ and ‘The More You Ignore Me’.

She now works with Des Hamilton and has most recently worked on projects such as Nextflix’s ‘The King’, ‘Top Boy Series 3’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’.

She has chosen five roles from recent projects and will leave her written feedback on each submission. At the end of the workshop Sophie will host a live Q&A Webinar on Friday June 25th at 7pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH FINNIAN TWEED v2 – starts Saturday June 19th 2021 – SOLD OUT

Finnian Tweed is a Casting Director specialising in film and TV with almost 10 years industry experience. From 2018-2020 he worked alongside Sophie Holland as her Casting Associate on 2 seasons of the hugely successful 8 part series ‘The Witcher’ for Netflix. He was also Sophie’s Casting Associate on ‘Young Wallander’ for Yellow Bird UK/ Netflix and several other exciting projects. In 2018 he worked with Gary Davy on a number of shows including ‘The Spanish Princess’ for Starz. Prior to that he worked at the BBC where his Casting Director credits included ‘Doctors’, ‘The Break’ Series 2 and the October 2017 ‘Sky Drama Table Read’, hosted by the BBC Writersroom. He also worked on several award winning shows at the BBC including: ‘Holby City’, ‘Father Brown’, and ‘Shakespeare and Hathaway’. He is a member of the Casting Director’s Guild of Great Britain and Ireland.

He is looking forward to hosting you during version 2 of his five-day online workshop – the material in this version  comes from a high-end Netflix series and is quite challenging. You will be supplied with character breakdowns for each role and must attempt to capture the essence each character regardless of their stated gender/age/nationality.

At the end of the workshop Finnian will host a live Q&A webinar where you can ask him whatever you like on Friday June 25th at 12 noon UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70


Ceri has worked in Casting for the past four years across TV, Film, Theatre & Commercial projects with Casting Directors; Rachel Freck, Aisha Bywaters, Isabella Odoffin, Rose Wicksteed, Dixie Chassay, Jill Green & Emily Tilelli.

Most recently she has worked as Casting Director on independent feature film MY HOUSE directed by Nick Norman-Butler and for Isabella Odoffin on feature film BOXING DAY and TV series THE LAST BUS.

She is currently working alongside Rachel Freck on the British CALL MY AGENT after previously working with Rachel on Series 3 of the thrilling TIN STAR. Prior to this she worked with Dixie Chassay on feature film LOUIS WAIN starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and with Aisha Bywaters on independent feature films THE LAST TREE, MARI, DIRTY GOD, BODY OF WATER & COUNTY LINES.

She has chosen five roles from recent projects and will leave her written feedback on each submission. At the end of the workshop Ceri will host a live Q&A Webinar on SaturdayJuly 3rd at 11am UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 NZ$70

GET YOUR GAME VOICE ON WITH PETER WARNOCK  – starts Saturday June 26th 2021

An action-packed, immersive introductory course to the epic and fabulous world of voicing video games. This unique workshop will help you create a vast array of characters, shake off any nerves and build technique and vocal range when approaching this fantastic industry.

Video games characters need a completely different approach to animation in that they require a sense of drama, reality, immediacy and, above all, great acting. This course will completely immerse you in the world of video games as you explore various genres of games and create voices that you can build into a catalogue of characters from villains to super heroes, AI to aliens, star ship captains to taxi drivers.

You’ll learn a range of new skills so that you can form and develop your treasure chest of characters. The course covers how to approach working with character briefs and copy, shouting safely and delivering your best emotes, grunts and pain noises. You’ll also learn about using pitch, resonators, mouth shape, physicality, rhythm, phrasing and more – all of which form your toolbox for developing a never-ending range of characters.

You’ll also learn a great deal about the inner workings of this industry, and the nuts and bolts of working in this world. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to audition at a higher level, plan and record an epic reel and be ready for when you land your first gig too.

Each day focuses on a different area and there is a lot of ground to cover. You’ll need to be able to set aside around three to four hours throughout each day to get the most out of the workshop. The course culminates in a 20 minute personal Virtual Casting Session with Peter on Saturday July 3rd 2021You’ll be able to book your slot on the first day of the workshop.

Please note, this course takes place over eight days: days 1-6 teaching, practice, research and uploading your material for Peter to feedback on; day 7 you’ll receive your casting material to rehearse record and send to Peter ready for the virtual session on day 8.

No expensive kit is necessary – full instructions on how to find a suitable place to record using your phone are sent when you enrol.

This Workshop is also suitable for non-native English speakers – instructions provided during the Workshop.

Are you ready, player one?

UK£99 / €119 / US$145 / CAD$175 / AUD$185 / NZ$199


Sophie started her career in video and audio production, but harbouring a strong desire to work in casting, she side-stepped into talent management and then onto extras casting in the commercials department. It was from there she started working with Chichester Festival Theatre, as Gabrielle Dawes’ assistant, working on productions like ROSS (dir. Adrian Noble), HOBSON’S CHOICE (dir. Jonathan Church) and WAY UPSTREAM (dir. Nadia Fall).

Work with other significant figures in the casting industry followed including Karen Lindsay Stewart, Lucinda Syson, Alex Johnson and Kharmel Cochrane, until she joined Rose Wicksteed Casting as an assistant in 2016 and became her associate in 2017. With Rose, she worked on major TV projects including GENIUS:PICASSO (Fox 21 / Imagine / Nat Geo), HOMELAND (Fox21 / Showtime) and THE GREAT (Hulu) co-cast with Dixie Chassay’s office. Features include THE NUN (dir. Corin Hardy), ESCAPE ROOM (dir. Adam Robitel) and additional photography on HOLMES & WATSON (dir. Etan Cohen).

As well as working closely with Rose, Sophie casts her own projects including short films LYNCH (dir. Francesca Castelbuono) and MR WHIPPY (dir. Rachna Suri). She believes an openness with actors is important, and regularly runs acting workshops or contributes to casting panels.

Sophie lives in east London with her two closest companions – her man and her dog. She can’t quite decide who is her favourite.

During the five days, Sophie will provide written feedback on the uploaded self-tapes. At the end of the workshop she’ll host a live Q&A webinar where you can ask her whatever you like on Friday July 2nd at 7.30pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH BEN COGAN v2 – starts Saturday June 26th 2021

Ben Cogan has worked in casting for 20 years. He began as a Casting Assistant for many shows (including EastEnders, Holby City and Waking the Dead) before becoming the Casting Director for Doctors in 2002. 384 episodes later, Ben moved to Casualty, and, in his time there, 6 episodes that he worked on were recognised with BAFTA nominations. During this period he also worked on the Afternoon Play series, Kiss of Death and various short films – one of which (Wish 143) was nominated for an Oscar.

Ben is now a freelance Casting Director having cast feature film Just Charlie (Winner of the Edinburgh Film Festival Audience Award), Trendy (nominated for Raindance) and Amaryllis as well as award winning short films , Apple Tree House for CBeebies, additional child roles with Tom Hooper on Jack Thorne’s BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials and is currently casting the feature film: Witch West.

In this second version of his workshop he has chosen five new pieces of material for you to attempt and will give his written feedback each day. At the end of the workshop Ben will host a live Q&A webinar where you can ask him whatever you like on Friday July 2nd at 6pm UK time

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 NZ$70

We follow Casting Society of America workshop guidelines:

 “These workshops are a learning experience. They are not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshops are over, the casting director/associates hosting the workshops will not be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”