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Membership of Acting Habit Plus gives you access to a range of advanced online self-tape courses and other resources that are designed for experienced actors who are already comfortable with the basics of self-taping. Participants of the 21-Day Self-Tape Challenge or The Self-Tape Class receive free membership for their first year.

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FIVE DAY FEEDBACK WITH KRISTIAN WALL – starts Saturday February 4th 2023 – SOLD OUT

Kristian studied a BA (Hons) in Acting at ArtsEd and is a Stage One Bursary recipient. After training as an actor Kristian swiftly moved to the other side of the industry. He worked at Olivia Bell Management & 42 M&P as a Talent Manager’s Assistant before moving to casting.

As a Casting Assistant he has worked with Sue Needleman, Rob Kelly and is currently working with Andy Pryor.

Casting Assistant Credits: The Rumour (Paramount+), After the Flood (ITV), Maryland (ITV), The Winter King (ITVX); Doctor Who S14 (BBC); Ugh (Disney); Danny and Mick (Tiger Aspect); Mama K’s Team 4 (Netflix) and The Dumping Ground (CBBC).

Producing Credits: Biscuits for Breakfast (R&D 2022); Who Cares (VAULT Festival 2020); Digging Deep (VAULT Festival 2019) and Year10 (Edinburgh Fringe/ Tabard Theatre).

He is looking forward to hosting you during this five-day online workshop. You will receive an audition piece each night at 7pm, and you will have up to 24 hours to upload your interpretation of it to the site. Kristian will provide his professional feedback on each upload.

At the end of the course on Thursday February 9th at 7.30pm UK time there will be a live Q&A Webinar with Kristian where you can ask him any questions.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH MICHELLE GIOVANNI – starts Saturday February 11th 2023

Michelle has worked in film and TV casting for 9 years, training under Shaheen Baig – progressing to Associate and co-casting with Shaheen, as well as independently casting various projects in her own time. Credits and work includes Oscar winning short ‘The Long Goodbye’, ‘Ali & Ava’, ‘Everybody’s Talking about Jamie’, ‘Calm with Horses’ , ‘The Third Day’, as well as HBO / Sky Atlantic’s ‘Little Birds’ as co-casting director.

Most recently she has worked on the Apple TV series ‘The Essex Serpent’ based on the international best selling novel and the feature films ‘The Swimmers’ (dir. Sally El Hosaini), ‘God’s Creatures’ (dirs. Saela Davis & Anna Rose Holmer) and ‘The Outfit’ (dir. Graham Moore).

She has chosen five roles and will leave her written feedback on each daily submission. At the end of the workshop Michelle will host a live online Q&A on Friday February 17th at 6.30pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH ELLA HOLMES – starts Saturday February 18th 2023 – SOLD OUT

Ella Holmes has worked for Dan Hubbard since May 2019. She is currently Casting Associate on THE GENTLEMEN TV Series and Casting Assistant on THE MINISTRY OF UNGENTLEMANLY WARFARE both directed by Guy Ritchie.

She has chosen five roles for you to attempt over the five consecutive days – each piece is sent at 7pm and you have until 7pm the next day to upload your interpretation to the site. Ella will leave her written feedback on each submission uploaded within the time limit. You can watch every one else’s interpretations and leave comments for them too, and they can do the same for with your upload. At the end of the workshop Ella will host a live online Q&A on Friday February 24th at 6.30pm UK time.

UK£35 / €42 / US$50 / CAD$60 / AUD$69 / NZ$70

FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH LUCY HELLIER v2 – starts Saturday February 18th 2023

Since becoming a Casting Director in 2016, Lucy’s work has included the feature All The Devil’s Men (dir. Matthew Hope), the theatre play The Phlebotomist at The Hampstead (dir. Sam Yates), the Glengarry Glen Ross 2019 tour (dir. Sam Yates) and a recent short film starting Aidan Turner and Alice Lowe (dir. Heida Reed).

Lucy was also recently the UK Casting Director on several international productions: The Vineyard, a tv series for Amazon shot in Spain (dir. Guillem Morales), the feature Mascarade, shot in France (dir. Nicolas Bedos), Fatima shot in Portugal (dir. Marco Pontecorvo), and The Swan shot in Canada/Taiwan (dir. Leif Bristow). She also carried out a specific casting search on the recent Bond film No Time to Die (dir. Cary Joji Fukunaga). 

She is currently working on three projects; Filmnation Entertainment’s new drama series Help Me starring Ashley Jensen, Eden Films’s TV series Shelton (dir. David Blair) and the videogame Black Hole (producer Supermassive Games). 

Prior to 2016, Lucy was an assistant, then associate to Debbie McWilliams, working on a number of major productions, including the Bond films Skyfall and Spectre (dir. Sam Mendes), Borgia (Netflix), One Child (BBC), Knightfall (History Channel), The Confessions (dir. Roberto Andò), Stratton (dir. Simon West) and The Foreigner (dir. Martin Campbell).

Lucy speaks fluent Spanish and advanced French.

Lucy has chosen five pieces of material from film, tv and theatre in this second version of her workshop and will give her professional feedback on your interpretations. She will also host a live Q&A Webinar session on Monday February 27th at 6pm UK time.

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GET YOUR GAME VOICE ON WITH PETER WARNOCK – starts Sunday February 19th 2023

An action-packed, immersive introductory course to the epic and fabulous world of voicing video games. This unique workshop will help you create a vast array of characters, shake off any nerves and build technique and vocal range when approaching this fantastic industry.

Video games characters need a completely different approach to animation in that they require a sense of drama, reality, immediacy and, above all, great acting. This course will completely immerse you in the world of video games as you explore various genres of games and create voices that you can build into a catalogue of characters from villains to super heroes, AI to aliens, star ship captains to taxi drivers.

You’ll learn a range of new skills so that you can form and develop your treasure chest of characters. The course covers how to approach working with character briefs and copy, shouting safely and delivering your best emotes, grunts and pain noises. You’ll also learn about using pitch, resonators, mouth shape, physicality, rhythm, phrasing and more – all of which form your toolbox for developing a never-ending range of characters.

You’ll also learn a great deal about the inner workings of this industry, and the nuts and bolts of working in this world. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to audition at a higher level, plan and record an epic reel and be ready for when you land your first gig too.

Each day focuses on a different area and there is a lot of ground to cover. You’ll need to be able to set aside around three to four hours throughout each day to get the most out of the workshop. The course culminates in a 20 minute personal Virtual Casting Session with Peter on Sunday February 26th from 5pm UK time. You’ll be able to book your slot on the first day of the workshop.

Please note, this course takes place over eight days: days 1-6 teaching, practice, research and uploading your material for Peter to feedback on; day 7 you’ll receive your casting material to rehearse record and send to Peter ready for the virtual session on day 8.

No expensive kit is necessary – full instructions on how to find a suitable place to record using your phone are sent when you enrol.

This Workshop is also suitable for non-native English speakers – instructions provided during the Workshop.

Are you ready, player one?

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FIVE DAY FEEDBACK WITH EMMA STAFFORD – starts Saturday February 25th 2023

Emma is a UK based casting director and has worked in casting for over 20 years. She started out as an assistant to Beverley Keogh working on TV dramas such as FAT FRIENDS, COPS and Danny Boyle’s VACUMMING NUDE IN PARADISE staring Timothy Spall.

She then went on to work alongside Des Hamilton on Chris Morris’ feature film FOUR LIONS and Karen Lindsay Stewart on Richard Ayoade’s SUBMARINE. Most recently working in conjunction with Rachel Freck on the fantastic Series 3 of TIN STAR.

Since opening her own casting office, Emma’s TV projects include work for Disney, Sky, BBC & ITV, and independents such as Tidy and Leopard. With credits including STELLA starring the amazing Ruth Jones, the multi award winning FOUR O’CLOCK CLUB, and spin off HOLLYWOOD starring comedy legend Steve Guttenberg.

Her current TV projects include an adaption of the globally successful children’s books BIFF, CHIP & KIPPER starring the much-loved Melanie Walters and an adaption of PIP & POSY written by Alex Scheffler for the Oscar nominated Magic Light Productions. Recent projects include THE SNOW SPIDER as well as a series of ground- breaking pieces for BBC that discuss in heart wrenching detail what it is like to be living in modern Britain.

Emma’s work on TV commercials includes global brands such as Nike and Lexus in conjunction with directors such as Paul WS Anderson and Sam Brown on award-winning pieces.

She is looking forward to hosting you and giving feedback on her choice of five audition scenes with a focus on Children’s TV. At the end of the workshop Emma will host a live Q&A Webinar on Sunday March 5th at 5pm UK time.

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FIVE-DAY FEEDBACK WITH JEMIMA McWILLIAMS v3 – starts Saturday February 25th 2023

Jemima works closely with casting legend Debbie McWilliams and has most recently cast the latest Bond film NO TIME TO DIE, the animated feature THE AMAZING MAURICE, FATIMA starring Harvey Keitel and independent feature film CRY ME A RIVER.

She is looking forward to hosting you during this third version of her five-day online workshop.

At the end of the workshop Jemima will host a live Q&A Webinar on Monday March 6th at 7pm UK time.

For more details or to secure your place please click one of the currency links below :

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SELF-TAPE SHOWREEL SCENES – starts on the day you sign up

A series of modules containing specially written, short and punchy pieces of material that are intended to help you create a focussed bespoke showreel to illustrate your talents in a specific genre. Rather than have a one-size-fits-all showreel, now you can delve into a library of scripts and put together relevant scenes and characters that can be closer to what a casting director is actually looking for for any given project.

Each genre module contains at least 25 pieces, released over the course of five consecutive days, with the opportunity to share your interpretations for feedback from your peers. In most of the material your character is the only one that speaks – all the attention is on you – but there are occasional scenes with other voices.

You can sign up whenever you like – day one begins as soon as you join – and you are granted permission to share your self-tapes as widely as you like on any platform.

All priced at:

UK£10 / €12 / US$12 / CAD$16 / AUD$18 / NZ$20

Here are the modules that are currently available:


Period and Historical

Jane Austen-style writing, war and peace themes, youth and enthusiasm, love and marriage, treachery, fear and loathing, British and American.


Sci Fi, Fantasy and Superheroes

Potions and magic, heroes and leaders, knaves and helpers, space pilots and androids, and superhero revelations and adventures.


Workplace Comedy

Scenes set in offices, hospitals, schools, stores and restaurants, police stations and other places where work is conducted.


Relationship Comedy

Romantic and platonic relationships, including first dates, friends and siblings, sarcasm, awkward crushes and expressions of love.


Workplace Drama

Scenes set in lawyers offices and courtrooms, police stations and crime scenes, hospitals and other places of work.


Romantic Drama

Initiating romantic relationships, declarations of love, fights and break ups.


Family and Friends Drama

Scenes involving parents, children and friends talking about love, life and each other.


Horror and Thriller

 Villains and victims, cops and robbers, survival, revenge.

We follow Casting Society of America workshop guidelines:

 “These workshops are a learning experience. They are not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshops are over, the casting director/associates hosting the workshops will not be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”