Deep Impact

Do you want to help save the world? Well then learning some lines from this near perfect disaster movie is the order of the day. It’s a sweeping ensemble epic directed by Mimi Leder, with whom we had the pleasure of working with on another Morgan Freeman film THICK AS THIEVES.

With an asteroid hurtling through space on a collision course with earth, it is a wonderful opportunity for actors to show their terrified acting ability.


Download the script by clicking here.

Here are some roles that would have been cast through the audition process. Be warned – they are not easy roles to audition. If you are not learning lines for any real auditions in the next few days, then use these to keep your brain nimble.

BOBBY –  scene 21,  scene 258 –  a tricky one, no dialogue but the reaction when pulling the long straw is important.

ENTREKIN – scene 38, and the little bit in scene 46.

PATRICIA RUIZ – scene 25A. A whole scene dedicated just to her.

CHLOE – scene 40a, the young new wife meeting her step-daughter – who is more or less her age – for the first time.

VAN SERTMA – for those of you who like to deliver scientific lines – scene 136 and scene 189f.

SECTION LEADER – a for militaristic delivery – scene 219 and 220.

ELLEN BIEDERMAN – mother of Elijah Wood’s character – not many lines but an emotional performance needed – try the short but critical scene 118, and then scene 220

VICKY – very similar to ELLEN’s role – not a huge role but essential to get it pitch perfect – try scenes 217,  276 and then 279…

MARIETTE – and again, another role with just a few filming days, not many lines, but critical for the emotional climax of the entire film – we see her in scene 72a and then the sequence including scenes 306 / 309 / 310 / 311.

There are some other wonderful sections of dialogue in there too – from the monologues of Morgan Freeman‘s President to the beautiful mother/daughter relationship between Vanessa Redgrave and Tea Leoni…. so if you don’t fancy tackling any of the smaller roles above then treat yourselves to one of the meaty parts.


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