Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

If you haven’t got any auditions coming up and need to practice learning lines you could do far worse than taking a look at KISS KISS BANG BANG.

This film is worth watching simply to hear Val Kilmer‘s commentary on the DVD extras. It was LETHAL WEAPON writer Shane Black‘s directorial debut – a modern homage to those wonderful noir Raymond Chandler stories.

And just to show what a fickle business this is – it took him a year and a half to write the script (writer’s block) and then he couldn’t sell it. His former cachet as being the highest paid screenwriter meant nothing when he was touting around this screenplay. Eventually he took it to uber-producer Joel Silver, the person who gave him his first break back in 1987 when he bought LETHAL WEAPON.

But your faith in Hollywood can be re-established because Shane Black’s second directing gig is IRON MAN 3 – no doubt as a result of Robert Downey Jr‘s blessing, who had dropped far from the A-list when Black cast him in this.

Download the script here.

Feel free to look at the leads of HARRY, GAY PERRY and HARMONY, but also here are some scenes for day players for you to try:

ELDERLY WOMAN – in an audition scene that is only marginally less absurd than FIERY HAWK – script page 7 & 8.

FLICKA -intro on page 19, then bottom of script page 62, 63, 64,

PRETTY GIRL – everyone loves a pretty girl – just the bit on script page 68.

LEATHER 1 or 2 – take your pick of goon – the scene on page 71, 72, 73.

PINK HAIR – script page 81, 82…. and 83. Hope we’re not spoiling it by saying it’s one of the most bizarre – and oddly moving – death scenes ever.


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