Miller’s Crossing

Here’s another selection of delightful audition scenes for you to practise learning lines, this time from the Coen brother’s classic crime noir MILLER’S CROSSING. An outstanding piece of film making.


Download the script from here

We suggest you challenge yourselves this time and attempt these scenes with an American accent as the Coen brother’s intended.

FAT TONY – scene 3 from page 8 (he is the Voice), and scene 57 from page 85.

BERYL – one beautiful scene only – number 11 from the bottom of page 18, really gets going on page 19.

VERNA – what a piece of work – try scene 15 from page 25, and scene 24 from bottom of page 39 (dialogue starts on page 40).

MINK – scene 12, from script page 19 – that’s all Steve Buscemi had to say.

O’GAR, the police chief – scene 22, script page 38 and scene 58, script page 86.

BERT or WHISPER – pick either one to learn – scene 46 from page 72, and then scene 47…

Good luck!

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