With THE HUNGER GAMES soon to dominate our multiplexes we thought we’d go back to writer/director Gary Ross‘ outstanding directorial debut PLEASANTVILLE.

It’s a beautiful film that expertly explores fading innocence when a couple of modern teenagers are sucked into their television and become trapped in a 1950s black and white tv show. And although there’s not a laser gun or robot in sight it contained the most digital effects shots of any film ever made up to that time. It was a perfect combination of art and technology.

You can download the script by clicking here.

If you haven’t been learning lines then here are a few roles you could try:

BIFF MARTIN – the all-American high school basketball champ. In the film it was played by a young Paul Walker who went on to FAST AND FURIOUS fame. Try the scene from the bottom of script page 32 to the middle of page 34, and sequence starting on script page 40 to 48. Talk about a loss of innocence.

MISS PETERS – the geography teacher, a short little scene on script pages 30 and 31.

MARGE JENKINS – a 1950s mother – script pages 61 and 62.

And for a challenge – try the late great J.T. Walsh‘s final role BIG BOB – learn the scene starting on script page 76,  the lectern speeches on script pages 114, 118 & 119 and 129 & 130.

Good luck!

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