The Social Network

Quite simply, Aaron Sorkin writes the best dialogue, and his screenplay for The Social Network is no exception.

Thanks to Sony the screenplay can be downloaded by clicking here.


Here are some scenes that you can use as mock auditions and as part of your learning lines programme.

These are a few “day player” scenes – roles that shoot by the day, that appear maybe once or twice in the story. These roles would almost certainly be cast from a one-time audition.

MR COX – script pages 21 and 22.

ADMINISTRATOR – script pages 28 and 29.

PROFESSOR – script pages 30 and 31.

BOB – script page 69.

MR KENWRIGHT – script page 128 and 129.

And for those that like a challenge here are a few slightly meatier roles to get into. These roles might have involved recalls, chemistry reads or straight offers:

CHRISTY – script pages 139 to 141.

MARYLIN – script pages 81 and 82, and then bottom of 160 to 164 inclusive.

AMY – script pages 84 to 89.

LARRY SUMMERS – script page 90 to 96.

Remember, feel free to post links to your readings of these scenes in the comments section below – and don’t imitate the performances from the movie, make the characters your own.

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