Beautiful Girls

One of my all time favourite films, directed by Ted Demme with a near perfect cast by the legendary Margery Simkin. It’s not just the leads that are fantastic (Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman and a young Natalie Portman) but the supporting roles are all pitch perfect: Noah Emmerich, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Rappaport, Martha Plimpton, Max Perlich, Annabeth Gish… the list goes on and on. Not a dud among them.

It’s an absolute gem – if you haven’t seen it please please do yourself a favour and try to find it. Even though it’s not a Christmas film it is perfect Christmas viewing. It expertly interweaves many themes: coming home, growing up, male friendships, love, youthful potential. And it’s damned funny.


Download the script by clicking here.

Here are some scenes you can learn as part of your learning lines commitment – they are all pretty challenging, but Scott Rosenberg‘s dialogue is exquisite (he was quite the screenwriter of the late 90s):

PAUL – start at the bottom of page 14 all the way up to “What kind of life can she have with a man who stinks of brisket?”

SHARON – from page 32 all the way to the end of the scene – some pretty long passages there…

GINA – the rant, mid page 40 onwards… oh my… with a few tweaks this would make a great monologue.

PAUL – another incredible speech, start the scene on page 80 and go until “Only love can break your heart”.

Please – see this film and let us know what you think.

And again feel free to post any links to your versions of the scenes above.