How to prepare for a role and receive an Oscar nomination

Ahh, don’t we all wish there was a simple “How To” guide to achieve this?

Instead you’ll have to make do with this interesting article from the New York Times about how some of this year’s Oscar nominated actresses prepared for their roles – click here to read it.

Two things we find fascinating from the article are 1) that it took Rooney Mara months and months of recalls and testing before they offered her the role – there are no easy rides, and 2) it took the movie Albert Nobbs 15 years to get made. That’s a long time even by independent film standards and shows an incredible amount of dedication from someone who you could forgive for resting on her laurels and taking it easy – the co-writer, producer and star Glenn Close.

It’s that kind of belief that should inspire all of us to try harder and never be complacent… and if we end up with an Oscar nomination well that’s nice too.


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