How can we get in touch with you?

We’re happy to hear from actors – let us know what you’ve been up to, if you have new headshots, if your showreel has been updated, if you have any questions, or if you’ve been cast in something we should know about.

We run a paperless office so hard copies of photos and cvs are no good to us – we literally have nowhere to put them.

You can either use the Leave A Reply form below or send us an email. Our email address is easy to find (hint: subscribe to this website and you’ll get it!) or otherwise use your detective skills on Google.

If sending us an email we like it if you embed your photograph into main message rather than send it as an attachment. It seems like a small point but we’d rather be able to see your photograph immediately rather than click and wait for our ‘photo viewer’ software to open. You should also include a link to your Spotlight page or other online version of your cv, and a link to your showreel if you have one.

Some other tips if you do decide to get in touch:

Make it personal
We understand it can be time consuming but we’d much rather read a personal email sent by a human being rather than being another name on a bulk mailing list sent by a robot. Mention if you’ve auditioned for us before, if you’ve seen some of our work – anything that will make you stand out from the mass email.

Don’t expect a response
We do try our best to answer every email but sometimes we just get overloaded. Forgive us.

Keep it short
Enough said.

Don’t over do it
We would suggest getting in touch every 6-8 weeks or so – more or less the turnover of one of our film projects. If you’re not right for something when you email us, the chances are you won’t be right until the next thing comes along a couple of months later.

Do your homework
If you are reading this website you’ll have a good idea of what we’re about and the kind of projects we’re involved with but if you are writing to other casting directors find out what sort of material they cast and look at their recent work. The more specific you can be when you contact someone the better chance you have of making an impact and getting a reply.


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